How to assign points for each post/like received

My forum assign user titles based on points, in order to award quality posts and partecipation instead of only post-counting.
I'm searching to assign a single point for each post and 5 points for each like, but i noticed that points are assigned only when a trophy is earned.
How can I give a point to users for each post/like received/any other action?

Many thanks in advance for any reply.
Can't a CRON job count the day's post and add points to users, for example?
If it is possible, I'll investigate how to do this (but yeah, I'll accept any help, this would much simplify my research)

But seriously... what's the points purpose if they aren't awarded based on the user partecipation on the forum but only on trophy?
An user can reach the max forum points possible simply earning all thropies...
The points are trophy points. They represent the sum of the point values for all earned trophies.

If you find users are earning all trophies, you may want to consider defining new trophies with more stringent criteria.
Yeah, but like earning isn't increasing any parameter, except the like counter. The "like" don't contribute to the user rank scaling (except if I use only the likes as parameter), but merely to the counter increase.

I can select on the user scale settings if they can pass on the next usertitle by messages posted, points (trophy earned) and likes, separated. But I can't allow users to increase their title faster, encouraging posts quality: for example giving 1 point for single message, 5 points for a like earned, and 40 points for a trophy...

This is clearly a suggestion, not a complaint.
I really think that points combination is more useful than it appears, it could change how users interact with the forum: measure the posts value, instead of adding it to a counter.
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