XF 1.3 How to add the buttons like Sign-Up on XF pages


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I would like to put a button that styled like the XF Sign up buttons on any XF page but it appears that the default style is only looking good if it's used on the sidebar.
If I put it in the center of a page, it will span the whole width and I have to specify a width for that button.
Is there a better way to add the buttons to pages that has the same uniform format like the default buttons?

Here is the code i use
<div class="noticeButtonContainer"><label id="SignupButton"><a href="https://domain.com/" class="inner"><b>Pay and Enroll</b></a></label></div>
Here is how it looks


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I wanted to do the same, but can't find the css style so I just edited the div with: style="width:220px;margin:auto;". Since the text is not the same in all my buttons, I just adapt each button's width.