XF 2.2 How many .htaccess files XenForo has?


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Dear friends,
My server got hacked and all my sites got effected, the hacker installed so many of .htaccess files in so many folders. I am cleaning my sites and one of my sites have Xenforo forum also which I updated to the latest version v2.2.13 right now.
I know there should be one .htaccess in my forum root folder, but should there be more .htaccess files in other folders or not? IF not then I can delete them all as I can see .htaccess file set with 444 permission in all of my folders.

Appreciate your reply, and help.

Best regards,
Theoretically there can be one htaccess per directory. There doesn't need to be and if they're different files it could be a red flag
Ah okay, Thank you SO MUCH for your reply!
[COLOR=hsl(var(--xf-editorFocusColor))]I have .htaccess file in every folder, so .htaccess should be only one in the main directory or every single folder?[/COLOR]
I have one in main directory .htaccess file but then in folders also there are .htaccess files in each folder.

Is that red flag? Should I get rid of them?
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