How Many XenForo Customers Use Cloudflare?

Do you use Cloudflare?

  • Yes I use Cloudflare

    Votes: 22 61.1%
  • I do not plan to ever use Cloudflare

    Votes: 11 30.6%
  • No I don't but would consider using Cloudflare for this add-on

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Brent W

Well-known member
Over the past month we have given up on current add-ons to help stop spam on our forums as they have either been buggy or they have less than desired accuracy.

I've been working with one other XF member here on creating an add-on that uses Cloudflare and basic common sense to either moderate or reject potential spammers and so far it is working with great accuracy.

I will not be releasing this publicly for two reasons: 1) I'm tired of supporting the lowest common denominator here (sorry but my time is valuable these days) 2) anything released publicly is just going to be subject to spammers also getting ahold of it and dissecting it.

The good thing about the second reason is that, at least in my opinion, the major feature that is preventing registrations are something that I don't see them being able to get around very easily.

We will provide a private release on a case by case basis for a fee with the understanding that we are developing this first for ourselves and secondly for you. So any conflicts on your site that can not be reproduced on our sites will be a low priority. It's ok if this isn't acceptable to you. You don't have to buy it.

So, I was just curious who all uses Cloudflare and would be interested in something like this? We aim to keep it simple configuration wise but it will be very powerful underneath and give new options to stop new registrations and those that do get by will face more obstacles, all while keeping legitimate members happy and positing with no interruptions.

Brent W

Well-known member
Here is the Add-on. It was pretty simple in the end so I am releasing it for free:

This add-on uses CloudFlare to determine the country the user is registering from. If it matches any of the countries that you choose to moderate, the registration will go into the moderation queue for you to approve or reject.

The accuracy from CloudFlare is far better than any other service out there. Plus it is free.


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I did something a long time ago with my in-house spam prevention addon. Basically takes users from "problematic countries" (also factors in network providers like they are using a proxy or satellite for example) and can do various things based on the country. Can straight up reject registration, can put them into registration moderation, can do something in the middle (like I have it so if you are in certain countries, you can't register with just your email, but you can register with a VERIFIED Facebook account [verified being you have verified your phone number with Facebook]). Generally spammers aren't going to jump through the hoops of registering with Facebook, getting a new phone number to verify the account with, etc.