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How long did it take to develop Xenforo?

Just wondering as it must of taken an extremely long time and effort to code it and everything. And the amount of amazing addons that work with xenforo make everything so creative.

Also what year was the first release of xenforo?


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There is a VERY good reason for why XF received just one non-security update from Feb 2012-Feb 2013. I'm not ashamed or afraid to talk about this chapter in XenForo's history and I don't think it diminishes in any way from the progress that has been made since. XenForo development has been rolling along at a great pace for the last 3 years. No rose-colored glasses required. ;)

Hopefully it'll speeding now to make XF 1.6 -1.8 the best, addonless script on the market.
Originally, XenForo 1.4.x was going to be last of the 1.x line while work on XenForo 2.0 continued. However it was felt that another features release would be beneficial, so XenForo 1.5.x has just been released. My understanding is, development will now continue in earnest on 2.0. Of course 1.5 will still get fixes and updates, but most attention is now on 2.0. Looking very much forward to seeing what the 2.0 architecture means for addon developers!