how is XF doing in term of customers compared to other platforms?


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I think that's amazing, and love the concept of rewarding content you've gained value from in some real tangible way beyond a simple like or reaction (if so inclined and if you can afford it).

I noticed the bitcoin tip bots on Reddit a lot in 2017 year and adore the idea. Anecdotally, as a daily reddit user and avid comments section reader I've seen a massive drop off of their use in the last year or so. I'm guessing because of the bitcoin crash around this time last year, so interest and activity has dwindled - Although gift giving of gold, silver and platinum has skyrocketed in my browsing feed since they expanded those options. If it was made easier to pop £x into a pot each month and dish it out based on how much gold you give for posts or likes or loves you dish out then I'm sure more people would get involved and try that on active forum communities. Or if you could subscribe to a premium user group on your favourite forum (or network of forums) and be allocated x gold per month to dish out to you favourite posts as a reward. The admins could get a cut and the users could get a cut. Pays for the site maintenance and rewards quality content.

It will be very interesting to see how this whole TT/Kin idea pans out in practice.
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It's interesting to note that when whittling it down to the top 10k sites and top 300 forums, a massive 40% are still on VB and have held off upgrading to anything more modern
A large percentage of those VB sites are owned by companies that own hundreds of forums and VB is their platform of choice. I doubt Internet Brands will switch any time soon, however it will be interesting to see what other companies like Vertical Scope will do.


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@RobinHood Forums aren’t Facebook. Facebook is, by design, low effort casual messaging generally. It’s centralised. Forums are generally best niche and specific to topics. Social media generally thrives on casual messaging. Forums don’t do that well (and shouldn’t aim to).


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I think that with XF2 we will see the adoption rate of new version split as well. Not in the degree that vb has, but boards with a lot of addons or custom development are not likely to migrate to XF2 until there is a very significant reason to do so.

We have invested heavily in XF1 development, and I expect that once XF2.1 or 2.2 is out with new features it will be worthwhile for us to nix our investments and upgrade.
Yes, I fall into that camp. Even now, some of the add-on's I rely on are not available on XF2 and likely never will be. Migration has also become expensive as many add-ons have moved to a subscription model with 2.0. For those of us running non-revenue sites it is costly. While XF2 does a lot behind the scenes, I was frankly disappointed that it did not really raise the bar for user experience and features.

Forums seem to be dying as a whole. Part of it is Facebook, part of it is Google treating forums like crap in their search rankings, part is that people want to do things more like instant messaging in real time without logging onto a bunch of different sites. I started on VB, went to XF, have considered if I will migrate to 2.0, move to IPB, or just shut it down, once forced to do so.


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First time I've seen Brand X below 20% :D Guess their recent "Get Brand X Cloud for one penny" offer hasn't made much impact!

XenForo has been taking market share from all four -- Brand X is just getting the worst of it.
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