XF 1.5 How does the install/data/ directory work?


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You don't have to put that xml on the server at all if you don't want (personally I would say no don't put it in there), it is only used when installing or upgrading an addon so in theory you are going to only ever use it once for that site.

In the XF admin panel when you install or upgrade an addon you can specify to use the XML file from your desktop.



But how does the directory work?

I was hoping maybe it would run those XML files automatically whenever you do an new install, and/or check for add-on updates when you update xenforo?

Would be especially useful for source control, in git for example if you wanted to create a local dev server you could install xenforo with all your addons and styles in one go by just creating a new database and going to /install/.

am i right?