How does the second hand license purchase process work?

Confirm with the license holder that it is eligible to be transferred.
They can contact us to confirm that.

Once the sale has been agreed, the current license holder needs to submit a ticket requesting a transfer.

We will then complete the process.
I will buy a second handed license tomorrow. But how is the process? Does e-mail transfer works immediately or should O wait?
Be sure that they give you the license validation token (and preferably domain associated with) and then go to
and put that information in. If it is eligible for transfer you will see that, otherwise you will see something like this

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 8.49.25 PM.png

Pay special attention to the License is Valid and License can be transferred positions. If either is No, then the license is not eligible for secondary licensing at that time. Since mine is a second hand license already, it is NOT eligible to be sold again. I have grayed the associated numbers out on this image to prevent any use by anyone else.
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