How do you interact with your test users?


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Hi Guys,

It has been quite sometime that I’ve posted anything here. Hope you all are doing okay.

Currently I’m working on a CRM like software in my company, we have been in active development for some time but until recently expanded our team of developers. There are also testers involved now and with testing there are multiple steps that need to be considered.

I’m currently using Jira as a development platform and slack as communication platform. There are channels for devs, testers and automated messages. For instance we have a web form which you can use to submit feature or bug requests. These requests are being created as a slack message in a dedicated slack channel. We look into them and then create a jira directly from the slack message (through integration).

There are currently some limitations with it. We can send an e-mail with the details of the created message but can’t inform the user on the development of the request. Since the user is either not in the slack channel or added in jira. For obvious reasons (cost involved) lots of user are not in slack or Jira. Therefore there is no way for the user to know the state of the request if we don’t specifically inform the user. There is no streamlined interaction between testers and management.

Has anyone a solution on how I could let my testers allow their submitted requests be seen in a more organized way? Could they give their feedback (message, vote, see the status, be informed about the changes)?

Do you know about a software solution which also have roadmap and changelog feature integrated?
XF uses it internally for planning and project/task management.

It's also possible to integrate it with Slack and other apps/software.
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