How do you import vbulletin data?


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Does it just automatically recognize the vB database?
If so, just vB3, or did vB4 functionality make it into beta as well?


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Someone posted a while ago they did import from vb4 only it didn't carry attachments.
There was an exchanhge re working on that.
Try searching on: import / vb4 / attachments.


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Admin Control Panel - click tools - import external data. I was also expecting a standalone script ala Impex - This is even better.
Ive been racking my brain trying to find the import script.

Thanks for the help guys.
Ive figured out most of my issues (mostly by drinking a cup of coffee to wake me the f up, and starting back from square one).


I can confirm that everything except attachments, custom user profile fields and vB subscribers (aka XF upgrades) was imported smoothly and accurately from vB4 => XF using the 3.7/3.8 importer.