How Do You Get New Members

Ken Black

Just wondering how everyone gets new members ? Do you use paid advertising, or Facebook Fan Pages, Youtube etc to promote ? It's hard to get members when starting out.


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Well, content will attract people; but expect the growth to be slower if you go that way ( I did). The best way to attract people, I think is to 'do something' that will immediately benefit them in some or the other way. Plus, I've figured out that instead of a general discussion forum, target something VERY focused ( that is, instead of Apple Fanboys, start iMac Air 13" fanboys community) and that would attract a ton of people!

During initial days of CrazyEngineers, I discovered that crowds attract crowd. Create a lot of fake users ( at least 10) and start posting using their ids ;) . Once you get 'real' people, make those accounts inactive.