How do these arrows appear to you?


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They look like that to me too on FF17 on a PC. You get used to it and eventually don't notice it :)

Edit - though I removed the > from the avatar box on my own forum because it was an eye-sore.


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I think there is a FF fix in that thread, Kier just didn't like the fact of adding it specifically for FF when they would probably fix it(which isn't the case ;p)


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Yea, it's kinda of slacking from Kier. :p
Theres more than just this issue with Firefox and the way the way they render things. Quite honestly, it's gotten annoying having to support its quirks, as its pretty much just becoming the new IE6.


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I dunno, I am using firefox, and I don't see the arrows like that....what OS are you running?

Adam Howard

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Is seem them on my site, but a little while ago .... They vanished from

A small proof that things are in development still here


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I didn't know it was supposed to look any other way? I never really took notice to it until now! LMAO I guess I'll be changing that on my forum too. It's a little ugly now that you point it out.