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How do I turn off the Staff Online Now block?

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by viewfinder, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. viewfinder

    viewfinder Member

    Is it possible to turn off the "Staff Online Now" block? I tried removing the block in template.xml but doesn't seem to go away.
  2. MrBrian

    MrBrian Active Member

    Go to your "sidebar_online_users" template and remove ; -

    <xen:if hascontent="true">
    	<div class="section staffOnline avatarList">
    		<div class="secondaryContent">
    			<h3>{xen:phrase staff_online_now}</h3>
    					<xen:foreach loop="$onlineUsers.records" value="$user">
    						<xen:if is="{$user.is_moderator} OR {$user.is_admin}">
    								<xen:avatar user="$user" size="s" img="true" />
    								<a href="{xen:link members, $user}" class="username">{xen:helper richUserName, $user}</a>
    								<div class="muted">{xen:helper userTitle, $user}</div>
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  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    I've split the posts and moved them to the support forum which is more suitable for this subject.
  4. viewfinder

    viewfinder Member

    I did exactly that and the staff online block is still showing. I thought it must be because I'm logged in as an admin, but a regular user/guest can still see that. Am I missing something? Caching somewhere that needs to be cleared?
  5. Kier

    Kier XenForo Developer Staff Member

    A quick note: surrounding anything in a template with <xen:comment>...</xen:comment> has the same effect as removing it.
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  6. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Ah look, I learned something new today... Just a few thousands more bits Kier and then I am do some modding of my own! :p

  7. viewfinder

    viewfinder Member

    Never mind, I eventually got it working, was editing the wrong template... Thanks everyone for your tips.
  8. anotheralias

    anotheralias Well-Known Member

    That is so handy to know that it deserves more than just a "like." Thanks! Now I won't have to rack my brains trying to remember what I took out that (inevitably) turned out to be vital. :)
  9. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    This was one of the things I have liked about IPB and one of their newer features.. They have a compare option in the ACP where it shows the template and highlights red if it's been removed, highlights green if it's been added.

    For someone like myself that hunts and pecks and breaks things to figure out how what works.. it's been great. As this platform progresses maybe this is a feature request if enough people think it's worth while.

  10. anotheralias

    anotheralias Well-Known Member

    That is exactly my own learning method. For whatever reason, it's way more effective for me than a how-to.
  11. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Is there a quick reference yet for these little snippets?

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