XF 2.2 How do I increase the post length limit?


How do I increase the post length limit? It is currently set arbitrarily low at 10000 characters. Vbulletin was easy peasy. Go into my admin panel inside of Vbulletin and change it. I have wasted hours searching for this answer. And am sure it's somewhere else in the forum just sitting there. So don't crawl up my ass because the answer is somewhere else already and this is a duplicate post because I have tons of changes to make and can't spend this amount of time on every issue that comes along. I sure hope the answer isn't server side as that would mean I made a big mistake getting Xenforo. I need to fix this ASAP cause I have a hundred other things to change and this has been super frustrating. It shouldn't be this damn hard to increase post length limits.

The post demanded I tell the version of Xen I am using. Just bought it so I picked the latest version.

Phil o_O
I searched "max Message Length" inside the Admin CP. Here's what I got;

No results found.

Then I copied and pasted your url and found it immediately. Thanks so much! I was ready to blow a vein I spent so much time looking for it. Just out of curiousity, I used to have chat embedded into the top of every page on my VB board. Made things easy for everyone and stopped a lot of duplicate postings. Is this possible with Xenforo?

Thanks Hoffi! I appreciate your swift help!

Phil 🤗
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