XF 1.4 POST Content-Length of (...) exceeds the limit of (...) in Unknown on line 0


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I just saw the following error logged in my php.log file (nothing got logged in the XenForo error log):

PHP Warning:  POST Content-Length of 9377285 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0
First time ever I get that error. Is this bad? What does it means? I don't allow attachments on my forum however I have the XFMG. Is this related?



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Is this caused by sameone trying to upload a file higher than 1MB? I do not allow attachments on my forum and XFMG is configured to allow a maxium file size of 1MB and maximum 3 uploads per time.


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It's caused by a request being larger than post_max_size. This is just what's sent to the server; any constraints aren't going to be applied/relevant at that time.

But yes, it could be caused by that.