How do I improve page speed?


For those asking this is my website:

I currently use Cloudflare, meaning as in half an hour ago, since I saw it's extremely slow.

I wanted to know what tools are available to be able to analyze speed and performance and optimize it.

I'm thinking about moving to Cloudflare pro which is 20$ a month, but I want to know whether it is that necessary for speed purposes.

All advice is welcome.


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I clicked on your website and it loaded fast. It appears to be a good user experience in my opinion.

I use CloudFlare and it helps a lot. But any CDN worth the money is going to help some.

I use GTMetrix to look at ways to make it sites faster.

I use CloudFlare's Argo service to help with speed as well. I think it is only $5 more a month. There is also the Wordpress acceleration plugin that is good, too, if you use Wordpress. Those might help you as well. :)