RM 2.0 How can i add notices in special categories of the resource manager?



Ich would like to add notices if a user likes to add a new resource.

What i have done:
Under "page criteria->Content template is" i put in "xfrm_category_add_resource"
This works, but now the notice will be shown every time.

Is there any option that i can say: "show only when categorie ID is X"?
The background is that we have different categories and I want to give users information on how to correctly create a resource in the appropriate category.


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@XFA over at xen-factory made this feature into an add-on for XF1. He gave me the XF2 version and it works flawlessly, though I don't believe he's released it publicly.


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XFRM 2.1 (currently in beta) has resource category-specific criteria options now, so you should be able to achieve what you want with that.