How amazing is this.... I registered on xenForo and I know the person in my Avatar!!!


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I am totally puzzled. Look what happened.... I registered on xenForo today and the default Avatar I got shows a picture of a woman. I couldn't believe my eyes, because I recognized the woman on the photo: she is somebody I know personally! :confused::cool:

I see the Avatars are taking from Gravatar (?), but what a coincidence! I would almost think... this is a sign! :)


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Ahhh cool Gravatar support also... I am really liking this feature list now... I signed up with FB so it grabbed my FB profile pic...


If you register and your email you use is used by gravatar, it will try and get the primary image for that email from gravatar.
And what I really like, is that if you update your primary image at, that after the cache is updated on their side, it shows the new gravatar automagically on xf :D No need to do anything!