Browser issue Highlighting text in editor hides selected effect


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So if I type text right now and go back and highlight 3 words with the mouse, and select Strikethrough, the effect is not seen until you click out of highlight mode. This happens with a few of the effects but not all. Fonts change, underline does not work. Etc.

noticed this, this week. underline does not appear so it gets confusing if you are adding a link to that bit of text and your links are styled to be underlined. looks like this might be something a recent update of chrome might be doing otherwise, i would have noticed this before!
This is looking very much like a Chrome bug. Simply setting a background color on the ::selection CSS appears to cause this. It looks like the selection highlighting is done by actually painting over the text and it doesn't maintain all of the text changes. If I set the background color to be somewhat transparent, I can see the strikethrough and underline, though they actually appear to have inconsistent colors.

We'll need to do a reduced test case to report.
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