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XF 1.5 HighDPI Support for images?

Hey all!

I was wondering if and when HighDPI support will be coming, or if there's a 3rd party addon solution for this? I'm talking about avatars, etc.. I'm surprised that XenForo doesn't already support this being 2016, as pretty much every mobile device on the market is HighDPI/Retina, and computers are beginning to go that way too (I use a 4K display on my PC). I have to say, things such as avatars, logos, etc. all look quite pixelated and blurry because of this, even on Xenforo.com's own site.


Active member
Funny you mention this. I was literally just looking at the avatars today on my forum. I use a 5K iMac (retina display), and it's very, very obvious how low quality the avatars are since they aren't served in @2x format.

Would be nice if this was implemented in future XenForo releases.