XF 2.2 High user bounce rate after migration to XF


Hello! I was on VB 4.2 and migrated to XF 2.2. My bounce rate before hovered at less than 1% but after the migration it shot up to the 70s. I assume this isn't actually the case, anyone have a suggestion on where to look for my error? Here is my last year of bounce history, the jump happened exactly with the migration of the software. I'm using the universal code and have put it into the "Google Analytics web property ID" slot in the settings.
Cool thanks guys. Not sure what I had wrong there since I think I was using a tool to implement the code there as well. It's been like that as long as I had an a analytics account (2015). Not sure if there were frames, it is still kinda up (with PHP errors since I went up in versions for XF but it's terraforums.com/forumsss if you wanna look for fun. :p (but it's "closed" so not sure if it'll show you what you need to see anyway)
My search traffic is about 52% currently.
Now I can stop trying to figure it out. :-P
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