XF 1.5 Hiding Category Node from Unregistered / Unconfirmed


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How my brain wanted this to work:

1) ACP > Nodes List > Click "Permissions" next to the Category node I want to hide.

2) Im presented with a list of usergroups instead of Node Permissions, so I assume that I have to click a Usergroup, and there will be node-specific permissions in there.

3) As expected, Im presented with a list of permisisons, and i see the one I want: "View Node".

I make a mental note that it says 'Node' not 'Nodes' - so i assume surely this means only this Node will be hidden from this usergroup.

I log out, and see that the entire forum is now hidden.

So it totally didn't do what I expected. However - when I instead click on a Forum Node (sub-node of a Category Node) it does exactly what I describe above. Im presented with a node permissions page that is explicitly for the forum I want to hide.


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I log out, and see that the entire forum is now hidden.
This is ambiguous because I'm not totally sure what you mean by "forum" here.

If you hide a parent node, all children will never be visible. (Permissions are inherited.) In general, your expectation is how it works though. It's hard to know exactly what is happening without a more specific explanation of your setup.