XF 1.1 Hide subforums from forum list


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I would like to hide a number of subforums from the main forum list, while still maintain the subforum links when inside the forum.

If I uncheck "Display in the nodelist" it hides them completely. I only want to hide them from the main board (to reduce clutter).

Thanks. :)


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Are you just wanting to get rid of the "sub-forums" menu in all cases? Or do you still need it to be there conditionally?


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Hi @Mike

I need it to be there for some sections, but others which contain archive threads I want it hidden from the main board so its only accessible by clicking into its parent forum.

I was hoping there would be some kind of CSS to just hide specific forums.


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I believe you could do:
.node_123 .subForumsPopup { display: none; }
Adjust the 123 based on the node ID, repeat as needed.
i feel dumb asking, but i have my subforums in a list, not a popup, and i can't seem to find the right selector. can someone tell me what css selector to use for sub forums that are in a list, not a popup?


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Try replacing subForumsPopup with subForumList.
I thought that was it as well, but when i use it like so:

.node_325 .subForumList {
   display: none;
it doesn't hide the sub-forum. if i do the .node_325 by itself it hides it, but also hides any other occurrence of that node.