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There I have:
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I try change regexp because I think that the problem is in it.

I changed 19 line in HideLinks.php:
  $message['messageHtml'] = preg_replace("!<a[^>]*>(.*)</a>!siU", $options->liens_message, $message['messageHtml']);
  $message['messageHtml'] = preg_replace("!<a[^>]* class=\"externalLink\ (.*)>(.*)</a>!siU", $options->liens_message, $message['messageHtml']);
Now it does not hide links in goto url (when someone quotes messege).

Currently hiding probably works well, example: http://gsmx.co/tematy/nowy-skrypt-forum.59631/

If you have some better suggestions for regular expressions - please write in this topic;)
In my forum I use Favicon for links and Proxy Links and it all works properly with HideLinks by Cobra :)

Tracy Perry

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Probably most people won't be using an add-on that was archived and generated back in 2011 and the last post was in 2012. If it was still being supported the author would have migrated it to the resources. Odds are the author (who was last on in 03/12) isn't around to support it here. There have been enough changes in XenForo since then that I'm surprised that it even works.