Heres a creepy one...


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About an hour ago I was working upstairs as usual when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang downstairs, almost like someone had thrown something against a wall.

As I was alone I thought maybe the cat had knocked something over, so I go down, the cat is outside (no catflap so I have to let her in via the door or window, so it wasnt her). I can't spot anything so go back to work.

Anyways I decided to put some lunch on and open up the cuboard with the baking trays in, and low and behold in a glass bowl there is just a huge heap of shattered glass. Having a bit of a stir around it turns out this is, or was a pyrex measuring jug.

So, for no apparent reason this jug just decided to explode!

The glass was all over the bottom shelf and in containers and other jugs. How bizare!

My first thoughts must have been on the top shelf and fallen down, well, theres no room on the top shelf where it could have fallen from. I also keep all my jugs on the bottom shelf so wouldn't of put it there, and also there is 0 damage to the bowl which contained all the glass shards. Add in, the glass had literally gotten everywhere in the bottom shelf, if it had just fallen in I wouldnt of expected such a huge ammount of "spash".

How about it being hot and then quickly cooled down? The jug hasn't been exposed to any sudden temperature changes recently. The last it was used was 2 nights ago to mix up some gravy, it was then washed, dried and put away realtively cool. The glass shards were not there yesterday!

Creepy eh?


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Check the difference in the glass though, on those pictures the shatter is quite defined, in big large sections. On my jug it seems to have almost shattered into thousands of tiny peices.
I have seen this before, but not necessarily with Pyrex.

I once worked in a brand new shopping centre. You can imagine the kind of architecture... they had a "scenic elevator" basically where the elevator shaft made of glass. Also most of their doors were just single panes of glass. You've probably seen this kind of stuff in any modern building.

I've actually seen CCTV footage of single panes of this glass just shatter into a million pieces just like your jug there. Of course these panes of glass are coated with something special to stop them from breaking apart which clearly your Pyrex jug isn't made out of. But it seemingly can just happen.

I don't know the scientific explanation, but it's most likely similar.


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Very interesting - I'm going to be wary of my pyrex measuring dish now :)

Did it coincide with someone with an Indian accent ringing you from the "Pyrex Support Center"?


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I often wonder if a tiny air bubble trapped in the glass during creation, might account for the explosions?

Given that eggs, despite being liquid, have a rather high explosive power if you stick them in the microwave and don't pierce the relatively thin skin around the yolk.

Either's very odd, when I first loaded the thread, I thought it was about ice or hail, didn't realize it was glass till I started reading lol


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Reminds me of the great light bulb explosion of '09. I walked into my bedroom to see pieces of glass all over the place and an empty fixture. To this day, I don't know what happened but I no longer buy store-brand bulbs.


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So, for no apparent reason this jug just decided to explode!
There was a reason based completely in reality I swear but your not going to like it

really ...I am sorry...I was angry a little while ago ... I didn't mean to impart energy to your borosilicate glassware, it was totally not called for and I am sorry.