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Help with redirect needed please!

Mr Lucky

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I have a problem with my upgraded xf2 forum as the vbulletin redirect script is not working, however I still have my old xf1 backup on a subdomain and the redirects are working, and redirect to the live forum.

So what i want to do is a redirect for all the external links to vbulletin post URLs to redirect to the old xf1 subdoamin, where they get correctly rediretced to the new xf URL on the live forum. Sounds a bit complicated but it will work until I can get the xf2 redirect working.

This is what the htaccess needs to do:

Redirect this http://mydomain.com/showthread.php?ID-Thread-title

to https://old.mydomain.com/showthread.php?ID-Thread-title

Many thanks
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