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Hi, I own a forum called NodeForums. I'm just wondering if someone can help me add some add-ons.. I'm not really good with xenforo, I'm new to it..

If you would like to help me, Please Inbox me..

My skype: djtark_habboholiday <-- I'm mostly on skype 24\7.
It's pretty hard to stuff it up.

Just follow the guide I sent you by PM or the link posted above. You can't really go wrong.

And, anyway, you've backed up all your hard work, right?
Yes i do. I just need to add stuff. What's your skype DigitalDoctor.
Stop assuming everyone is able to help you. It's rather rude, if I'm honest.

If there's someone available to give you help, they will respond. Right now I'm busy so I am unable to.

In the mean time, contact SchmitzIT who is an excellent service provider here or attempt to do things yourself. Learning this stuff is an excellent opportunity and important part of being a forum owner. If you still can't, patience is also an important part of being a forum owner :)
Tarkan I do really understand how nervous you feel. Been there got several Tshirts as they say.

Here is a tutorial by Jake Bunce one of the best guides on XF.
You only need to use the first section I expect - Backup Using Shell Access
I think this does not include everything. Avatars, attachments, additional, custom images not included.

If you can't face this then try to find someone you can pay to do it. I wouldn't personally ask someone to do a job like this free as for them it'#s not creative or interesting. Ask your helper to set you up so it's done automatically or you know how to do it
I recommend Slavik or SchmitzIT. But there are others you can find here

Honestly the worst that can happen with installing the addons Ive recommended in First Steps in XF is that nothing happens - which is frustrating but it's not that you have messed up your forum.
If that happens - nothing - you just haven't completed the addon install so you try it again. That isn't so terrible because installing an addon is only a few steps. There's a link in my signature to my tutorial which tells you in baby steps how to do it.

Alternatively it can happen that an addon doesn't work as expected. The ones I've recommended will not mess up your site. But it is possible a detail they are supposed to do does not happen. So you ask for help on the thread for that addon.

First Steps in XF tells you to keep a site diary, how to do it, and and why. Big safety thing.
Read HOW TO INSTALL AN ADDON without doing anything, just so it doesn't look odd. Keep HOW TO INSTALL AN ADDON open on one page while you follow its instructions on another.

Then I suggest you try installing Waindigo's Login As User
I put it first on the list because it's not a complicated one and extraordinarily useful for checking how things work for your members as you're setting up..
Once you have it installed, using HOW TO INSTALL AN ADDON remember to go to the Admin usergroup to give yourself permission to use it! In your Admin control panel go into usergroups/ Administrative. Go down to the "General Moderator Permissions" section to find the two permissions - Login as different user: // and Post as different user:
Back on the frontend (the public view of your forum) any page you already have open was created on XF before you installed the addon. So it won't display anything different yet because it's just dozing since you opened it. Refresh the page to tell it to check its equipment again. It will then know it's got a new component (this addon).
Then right at the top above the logo (title pic) you'll see "Login as User ... " That tells you it worked!
To use it click that link and enter the name of another user. The same place at the top will then say "Change to Tarkan" so you can switch back to your own view.
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