Add-on Help page Manager


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Ive seen this And the Tutorial by James.

But for someone like me thats a Complete Noob at stuff like that, Even though its simple and Step By Step i still managed to screw up my help pages and had to revert it back to defaults :(

I'm looking for a Help Page Manager that will let you create and Delete Help pages. I'm assuming one could use the rich Text Editor to create help pages.

I have no idea how one would go about doing this, the only thing I have seen that could work, is using a system like Simple Form 1.10 has with there new WYSIWYG Text Editor on the Forms.


Since one of our forums require the participation of the moderators and the community manager, we can't give them admin control panel access. What we've done is simply create a help forum with within it discussions.
We've made a custom style to simplify the look of the help forum a bit so it looks more like a separate page with thinner simpler user comments.

This really boosted the amount of help pages that we got, and we can just use the full fledged new thread / post reply editor to create them very easily.

Perhaps worth considering, and then just replace the link for Help with that sub forum.