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Help me get started


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I just transferred from vb to xen and now i am lost on addons. I am looking how to make staff usernames a different color, a chat box, a clean xenforo style (whte and blue with black accents) or similar. And any other addons you guys recomend to make your forum look good. I had my vb forum decked out and now it just looks plain. Thanks in advanced for the help.


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You can use css in Users >> Usergroups and insert css into the appropriate box/usergroupsto style the usergroup usernames. http://xenforo.com/help/user-group-styling/

There's also this add-on which I use that adds styles to usernames in places where xenforo default doesn't. http://xenforo.com/community/resources/add-username-style-to-last-post.1031/

Screenshot_30.png Screenshot_31.png

There's taigachat both a free version and paid version.

Checkout some of @Russ & @Steve F styles out at Pixelexit.com

There's also @Audentio @Forsaken @CyberAP range of styles you could checkout to see if it fits your criteria.