XF 1.5 HELP! I cannot log on to my forum.

LT Jennifer

I'm in the process of building a new XF installation. I never had any problems in logging on before; I was able to log on this morning but now I'm locked out.

Recent changes (yesterday):

>> Switched off one notice and switched on another
>> Changed phrase your_name_or_email_address to Enter your user name
>> Updated board meta description to a more descriptive name
>> Activated full friendly URLs
>> Created M and F user groups and denied F access to Guy Talk (no one in this group yet)
>> Moved forum from /troubles to /forum (on the server) by:
- Changing Options > Basic Board Information > Board URL
- Renaming the /troubles directory to /forum
- Installed a new "password gate" as /index.html -- when you click on the w, it goes to /forum/index.php
- Modified the notices to the correct URL
- Did not restart the server -- it seemed to work fine anyway
>> Removed Home Page URL (blanked it out)

As I said, I was able to log on this morning. Then I made some more changes:

Recent changes (today):

>> Turned off Show Staff Banner and Allow Banner Stacking
>> Turned "Super Admin Jennifer" (me) staff status back on
>> Set up Administrator and Moderator banners (black on light green)
>> Permitted Administrators and Moderators to stick and lock threads

Then I logged off, and a few hours later, tried to log on again:

- I got to the forum list no problem
- I clicked Log in or Sign up and got the usual dropdown
- I entered my user name and password and clicked Log in
- Then I got "Error 404: NOT FOUND! This Domain has been registered recently."

The same thing happened when I'm in the Forum List and click on a recent post -- I get the same 404.

I've been using this domain for over a week without serious problems!

Could any of the above changes cause the problem?

If a server restart is needed because of cacheing, why did it take so long for the problem to show itself?

Do you think an /.htaccess redirect would solve the problem?

My forum is at www.alemontree.eu -- if it says enter-the-password, just click on the w.

A quick response would be appreciated.


LT Jennifer

@TwistedMerlin: yes, I see that now (the "/login/login"). I have NO access to my Admin panel at this time.

@Robru: I replaced the parking page over a week ago. Now I have what I call a "password gate" -- a simple HTML page that redirects to /forum/index.php when you click on the w. Doing so gets me to the forum list no problem. It's only after that point I have trouble.

The only .htaccess is the one installed with XenForo.


LT Jennifer

@Martok: there is only .htaccess but no htaccess.txt file.

I had my hosting company restore my web space as of last night and was able to log onto that.

I didn't know about http://www.alemontree.eu/forum/admin.php but I tried it and it worked just fine.

I was able to TURN OFF Full Friendly URLs and that seems to have fixed the problem. (I'm glad I kept a proper change log!) Although I'm curious -- if I turned Full Friendly URLs ON yesterday, then why didn't the problem show up sooner?

I (and presumably everyone else) can access the original forum now. Thank you all.



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if I turned Full Friendly URLs ON yesterday, then why didn't the problem show up sooner?
Just thought I'd chime in on this. Before we got it properly set up--this was a long time ago--we had this problem, too. It was fine for a while and then it would not work.


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If FURLs are not supported, it would immediately stop working other than for the index page.