Hello from Pennsylvania

Robert F Schmitz

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Well I was absolutely unaware of this effort until I read about it in a thread over at vB. Seems that the sale has stirred the pot quite a bit and eventually the 'other announcement' was clarified as the one from here.

I am quite impressed by what has been done here. Having struggled through many upgrades of vB4 it is both a shame that so much money was spent and refreshing to see that there may just be a viable alternative with a pricing structure similar to what I was used to with Jelsoft. Actually I thought that I was buying into Jelsoft when I made my upgrade to vB4 so there is a bit of disappointment there. Enough with the old.

Glad to hear that at least part of the team that made vB what it was has put their efforts into what appears to be a strong competitor. I look forward to the future and intend to support you with a beta purchase.


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Hi neighbor (Ohio here).
Welcome to XenForo.
I'm very sure that you will be more than happy with this software.
Jump right in here and post away. There is much to explore before you purchase. Be sure to check out the "Have You Seen..." forum.
If you have any questions, ask away.


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Welcome to XenForo, Rob. We are pleased that you have found your way here. What Mike and Kier has accomplished to this point is truly amazing. And like you, I look forward to the future as well, and I can not wait to see what this software is capable of.

Robert F Schmitz

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Thanks to all the great replies. If it were not for the money and time invested in vb4, looking at the progress made here vs there would be a laugh. Watching the video on style modifications and then working with my 'style generator' only to find that the forum block text can't be changed because it is inherited from another variable that imo it shouldn't makes me sick. Kier summed it up well. Stay focused on a narrow path and do that well. 4.1 is about out and there is still little that really ties cms to forum to blog. Well enough soap box ranting. Looking forward to October.