Hello Again... Kier.

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Hi Kier,

Four months passed since you posted your Hello Again thread. Technically speaking, you did not say "hello" to anyone since June 19th...

You know me personally and my character, as well how loyal I am when it comes to Xenforo. I have the privilege to consider myself a friend to you and Mike... and that is the reason why I'm posting my thoughts below as a friend, not concerned customer. I did not received any answer from you through forum conversations, emails and Skype, so I'm trying to reach you through the public way.

Can you please let me know if you are "still devoting the necessary time and effort to focus on your great product and wonderful community"? Currently, I reached a point where I cannot simply recommend anymore to any client to hold their move towards a different forum platform. Many of them are convinced that Xenforo is a dead product and are looking forward to move their vBulletin based forums to IPB. It is unfortunate that we are in this situation and frankly, I'm quite disappointed but there is nothing I can do.

If there is no future scope for the product, I think it would be fair to let us know. It is simply inadmissible to surround us all with this dead silence and telling us that the development is ongoing does not suffice anymore. I personally am at a crossroad and I'm sure many other users are in the same situation. I started looking recently at Lithium and how easy it is to actually develop code with it. To a point that I'm contemplating to start developing a product that will cover all my needs. Creating a product from scratch is extremely time consuming and also requires a lot of work effort, which I would gladly trade. Unfortunately, there are no viable solutions out there that will satisfy my needs as well probably many other Xenforo customers.

In conclusion, I would appreciate if you reply to this thread and let us all know what is the situation.


Please don't delete this thread.
Please give Kier a chance to respond. He is here at least once a day (or at least his Avatar is :sneaky:).
Please keep this thread clear of rubbish so it does not get locked for no reason.
With all due respect, answers about the state of this software are well over due!
Honestly, if you are concerned then you should act on it (e.g. move to Lithium). Don't make other people responsible for your concern. You are basically saying, "I am concerned, now you need to talk me out of it." It's a weird kind of emotional dumping that people do and it is very draining, not just to your target but to everyone around you.

I am not criticizing or invalidating your concern. I just encourage you to take responsibility for it and act on it instead of making other people responsible. Make a judgment based on the available information. Here is a recent post of mine with all current information about XenForo:

This is the current news:

1) 1.2 has been delayed. No ETA as of yet.


2) The lawsuit is ongoing. The trial date is currently set for January 15, 2013. XenForo expects to win if the case goes to trial.

3) Kier posted a few months ago that he was dealing with personal stuff but that he is back now:


Everything else is speculation.

If that speculation concerns you then you shouldn't renew your license.

Let me know if you have any specific forum requirements, questions about the lawsuit, etc. I will be happy to help you with your forum.
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