Lack of interest Batch Node/group permissions (again)

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I am going to voice this again because it is critically important. I see a good number of closed/duplicate/lack of interest threads about exactly this so it simply cannot be an unimportant issue.

There have been several suggestions about this same topic that I think are being ignored, misunderstood or downplayed. Xenforo is a great platform but this is probably the biggest loudest flaw.

Some of us run forums with a good number of members and many tiers of private forums and individuals or groups moving through those levels in sporadic ways. Not having a visual interface batch permissions editor across nodes and user groups is really simply stone age and it is not up to the technical standard of the rest of the platform. Please PLEASE fix this. it is unfair and unacceptable for admins to have to spend hours on just permissions clikcing page by page, node by node group by group. It is a massive hassle and time suck. Please take this seriously.

I don't want to have to change to another platform, but I cannot see this working in the long term as my site grows more. I would appreciate some response on this.
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