Hearth.com Forums Moved to XF


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It is good to see that more and more big forums are moving to xenforo. From what platform did you move away from btw?


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Ancient 1.x Expression Engine.
All Hail Jake Bunce once again...
Heck, he even moved passwords.......and got most of the bugs out in relation to EE importing.

EE served us well and we are still using parts of the CMS portion. It's great for folks who ALSO have a forum, but not ideal (any longer) if the forum is the main part of the site. The developers are somewhat following the money - and the money is in corporate and business sites, not in forums.


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Now that's a huge forum :)
You'll need to work on a custom design or at least change the default skin a little, but moving such a big forum to XF is a great accomplishment. Hope you like XF, it's a pretty nice piece of software ;)


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What my members really want is the old smileys back......but I don't see any custom sets like the old plain ones......:)

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Hey where did the old thread go ?


A few suggestions ...

I thought the words "Hearth.com" in the banner area at the top would be a good idea.

And then I just threw out some other ideas ... that will hopefully make your great content more accessible.

Keep up the great site !


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That banner is a notification - add-on!
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I can fill that top up better as you say.

We are starting to kick butt at this time of year! Jake is working on finalizing the moving of my stove rating database to the XF look (it will be integrated visually). My site is a never ending work in progress...