Silvertails - mybb + wordpress Sports site moved to xenforo and xenporta


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Hi All,

I have been a big user of many forums for many years. I started out with silvertails on an e107 site and was a major contributor to the community, however we outgrew that and moved to phpbb, then SMF and finally have been on mybb for about 4 of our 10 years. We have run wordpress for our front end also for much of this, though also iterated through e107 and joomla as well.

This has always meant a great deal of cross coding for the two environments I run and a lot of bridging and bodgying up. When mybb went to 1.8 I realised I would need to do a great deal of coding to bring things back to where I needed them to be as well as a lot of imperfect solutions to problems that should not exist.

This lead me on a journey of discovery and I tried out a lot of systems out there commercial and free and decided that mostly xenforo ticked a lot of boxes, it wasn't perfect but it did most of what I wanted coupled with a lot of failures and troubles with my other preference which was IP.Board.

So I took the plunge and bought a license, once I did I committed myself to getting the site up as best I could.

I had to tackle the challenges of the biggest of those was how I would handle my content portion of the site. I had always had a dedicated CMS for this and I was always hesitant about being too forum centric, so i researched my options here and took a good look at xenResource manager, xenzine, xenporta and all the other options. I was very much inspired by and what those guys had achieved by xenporta and after evaluation I decided this was thr route to go, so set about writing scripts to transfer from wordpress to xenforo in a way that made sense to me.

So I converted my post and categories from wordpress over to xenforo and all worked well. My comments were held in mybb so the conversion there was no problem.

Anyway I still have a lot of work to do. I have to code lots of other things and fix the responsive design in a number of areas but the conversion was fast and smooth only a small hiccups.

I have written a number of custom widgets for xenporta2 and it was easier than I could have imagined to code so great job @Jaxel

Anyway my site is

Still being constructed but would value your thoughts



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Thanks. I still have some design to do to make it work responsively a little better, I may have to hire someone for that though.

I based it loosely off of my old design in Wordpress which was clean and really great for reading. I need to also adjust fonts