XF 2.2 Header/Logo Row IMAGE repeats


With wide browser sizes, the Header/Logo Row IMAGE repeats so that it fills the entire width of the window.
I have the page width set to 1400px.
But with a window 1920px wide, my header logo is not centered. It starts at the far left side of the window, continues right until it ends and then repeats. So the image, no matter what the width, fills the entire width of the window.

I would like to use an image exactly 1400px wide, and have it match the page width, centered, and without repetition that expands it to the full window width.
Is there a setting for this somewhere?
Ah, I think I found it. I stuck this in the Extra box:
background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position: center top;

I'm a novice... is it OK to put that code right in the "Extra" box in the "Header Logo Row" section? I mean, it won't foul up anything else, right?
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