XF 2.2 Having New Registration Approval Issues

Dixie McCall

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Hey Guys,
Having a urgent issue when new account approvals. My forum is set to "manual approval" but as of today I'm not getting flagged for new registrations and new accounts are being auto approved.

Any quick help would be great.

Dixie McCall

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No :) It was working fine yesterday but I noticed two new members that we didn't approve nor get any notification flag.

Checked for errors
Checked permissions
Disabled all add ons.

Dixie McCall

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It's been checked for months and has been working find until yesterday. I've done nothing to community recently to create this issue. I upgraded to latest XF version and that didn't seem to solve it.


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XF wouldn't just randomly stop working or change how it has worked in the past without something being changed either in the options, by an add-on, or some other factor.

Have you tested the registration process to confirm that accounts no longer require manual approval?

Also, to clarify, the forum is for community based support only.
If you want an XF staff member to look into something, and have active support for the license, you need to submit a ticket.

Dixie McCall

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Yes I've checked it several times by creating new registrations. Prior to this happening I changed nothing for many weeks. I disabled all the apps and that didn't seem to matter.

Thanks for your reply Brogan. I'll create a ticket.
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Dixie McCall

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Approval que was working fine for weeks until we used spam cleaner for first time. I wish I could give you more info but that's exactly what happened. We've made no changes to "manual registration' for weeks. We also had issue with not sending account verification emails for new members after using SFS. After we disabled SFS we are having no further problems. At that time, all add-ons had been disabled to prevent a possible unknown conflict.

Attached please not spam log. (If it helps)