Having a bit of a MESS HERE!


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Can ya tell I'm stressed?

ALl of a sudden this evening, our site started messing up. There are no controls on the wysiwyg editor, many posts have the html tags in them (i.e. <p>, </p>, etc), the moderator controls are visible (you are supposed to have to click on the little box to see them), and a few other things.

Our board is HAUNTED, I tell ya!

See screenies below.

wysiwyg.jpg post.jpg whats new.jpg

WTH??? :eek:


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If it's just you having problems Peggy then it's likely a browser issue.

If it's other users then it's site related.

Can you confirm if others have the problem?


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Well I restarted my PC, no change.

THEN I opened IE and everything is perfect there. but still messed up in FF which is what was open when I took the screenies above.
I asked and no one else seems to be having the issues, so is it my browser??


I would go through my preferences first, see if you have developer mode on, and perhaps contextual js content turned off or something ..


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Have you perhaps disabled JavaScript in Firefox?

Tools -> Options -> Content : Enable JavaScript (should be checked)


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Thanks guys, I'm all good! Restarted my computer, problem the same, so cleared the cache, did a hard refresh and WAA LAAA!


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in the location bar, type about:config
in the filter, type javas
look at any bolded (nondefault) entries and determine whether they should be that way or not.