XF 2.2 A bit of help - Registration & User Groups

Muddy Boots

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When a new user registers - how can I see what group he is registered in ?

recent import from IPS and IPS was set up that a new user registered - He can see the forum title but not any threads - then by paying a subscription he goes from unregistered to registered whereupon he can see the threads for 12 months before his subscription needs renewing

I can see group promotions etc

But what I cant tell is when a new user registered what group he is put in - or be able to change this - in the ACP

The paid for membership group from IPS is ID 5

Registered Groups is ID 2

Some I guessing the Importer messed up - Bug ?
As all members were in Group 5 as they had paid subs, now im also guessing thats because maybe XF importer was looking at Secondary Groups - Whereas my IPS was set up to promote the primary group for membership subs..... Possibly

Where do I report this as the smilies also didnt import at all - again I think I know why
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