Have You / Will You Upgrade to 2.0

Have You / When Will You Upgrade to 2.x

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I thought he was saying 2.0 came with a shoutbox without adding an addon. I must have misunderstood his reply.
Yeah, I didn't word that as well as I could have.. I meant to say that most of that site can be replicated with 2.x, both with built-in functionality and available add-ons such as shoutbox.
I'm in the undecided category. The board is very small and some of us wonder how long it will actually be around. I'm loathe to put in the time and effort to do the upgrade only to have things wind down in the near future. That said, if Xenforo ever announces EOL for 1.5, I'll rethink that position but for now, I'm content to take the path of least resistance.


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im still about a year away from upgrading all of my forums to xf2, still some add-ons missing that i need before i upgrade, but xf2 looks good so far


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We've migrated a vB 4 and a phpBB 3 forum to XF 2 so far and are planning to migrate another few (vB 4, phpBB 3 and WBB 3) in the near future, might also upgrade some XF 1.5.

We mostly use our own Add-ons, so Add-on availibility is not a major factor for us.