Have you ever used "Never" ? in your Permissions ?

Digital Doctor

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What was "Never" really intended for ?

There are dire warnings for using it.

So for User Group Permissions: Unregistered / Unconfirmed

Bypass flood check:

General Moderator Permissions
View IP addresses:​
Bypass user privacy:​
Use the spam cleaner:​
View warning details:​
Give users warnings directly:​
Delete all warnings:​

Forum Moderator Permissions
Manage (move, merge, etc.) thread by anyone:​
Stick / unstick thread:​
Approve / unapprove threads / posts:​
Delete post by anyone:​
Delete thread by anyone:​
Edit post by anyone:​
Hard-delete post by anyone:​
Hard-delete thread by anyone:​
Lock / unlock threads:​
Undelete threads / posts:​
View deleted threads / posts:​
View moderated threads / posts:​
Give warnings on posts:​

Personal Conversation Moderator Permissions

Start personal conversations:​
Upload attachments to personal conversations:​
Edit own messages:​

Profile Post Moderator Permissions

Approve / unapprove profile posts:​
Delete profile posts by anyone:​
Edit profile posts by anyone:​
Hard-delete profile posts by anyone:​
Undelete profile posts:​
View deleted profile posts:​
View moderated profile posts:​
Give warnings on profile posts:​
Q: Any reason why I shouldn't set all of these to NEVER ? Under what circumstance ? (Please give an example).

Digital Doctor

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Does the NEVER mostly become a problem when you use it in the Registered Group ?
As a moderator can be in the Registered Group.


XenForo developer
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'Never' is a powerful tool that should not be employed lightly. It is used in banning, and other restrictive systems.


We're using it quite specifically on XenFans, allowing us to quickly add people to certain usergroups limiting certain permissions.


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i use it on admin and moderator accounts to ensure they wont be 'liking' content, posting polls, changing avatars, posting profile comments, etc.

Digital Doctor

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I found one reason why you would want to be careful with NEVER.
I found it weird I could add an administrator as a: Unregistered / Unconfirmed user !
with out click !!


Is it a good idea you can add someone to both the Registered and Unregistered group ?
Seems weird.