XF 1.1 What Permissions Do You Give Your Moderators?


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My new forums getting busier therefore I'm going to add a few global moderators. I'm curious as to what other permissions other forum owners here use for their moderators.

I was looking at the permission options when adding a moderator and I'm not too sure I want to give new moderators too much control initially. Giving moderators the ability to delete threads or hard delete threads means there is always that a chance a moderator will delete thread(s) by accident or by purpose. For example, if there was a dispute between a moderator and another member and they felt that you didn't support them, they might get pissed off and try and hurt the forum by deleting threads etc.

Obviously, they do need a level of control in the forums in order to do their job.

One thing I noticed in the Xenforo Moderator Information page was that moderators won't see the moderator bar unless they certain permissions.

The Moderator Bar is visible for all users who are made moderators. However, theModeration Queue and Reported Items are only accessible with the following moderator permissions enabled:
  • Moderation Queue - View moderated threads / posts and Delete thread by anyone and Edit post by anyone.
  • Reported Items - Delete post by anyone or Edit post by anyone.
Surely a moderator could still deal with a lot of reported items if they didn't have the option to delete posts. As admin, I've dealt with over a dozen reported items over the last week and I've never had to delete a post to resolve the issue. Why is this being enforced?

Do most people here just check everything and give mods full control and hope nothing goes wrong?



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I haven't sorted a regular backup service yet for my sites, which is one reason why I'm reluctant to allow anyone else to delete threads at the moment. I'd much rather give users the option of locking threads or perhaps moving threads to a hidden specifically for spam so that the thread can be reviewed, edited and perhaps made live again.

Is there no way to let the users see the moderator bar unless you give them full permissions. It seems a bit counter productive to allow a forum owner to add and remove permissions for moderators but not allow them to specify whether the moderator bar is shown or not.


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+1 for soft delete only. That way you can reconstruct if anyone goes completely postal on you.