Have you ever had to leave your forum to someone for a couple weeks or so?


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I've tried doing this in the past and it wasn't a good idea. Most of my mods were not web savvy and the ones that were had too many issues to trust them with the care of the site. Today I started working on my manuscript seriously and realized my site is a distraction so I looked at my staff to see who I could leave my site too and only found one member who qualified. I have to send him a message and ask for help. He's a verified member of both my site and Xenforo amd hasn't ever been in any arguments or drama on either site. He even offered to help once but I had sorta turned him down.

I had been thinking lately as to why I have been so close guarded as to the running of the site and the answer came to me when my mom told me about The Lego Movie. She said 'You loved legos! You used to play with them all the time I had to keep buying you legos. Every furniture I give you to put together lasts longer than the ones the rest of the family put together. Its unusual for a man to be putting together this cabinet during the superbowl' and I thought about and realized that while I do like putting things together it looks like I never really stopped putting things together. I've had many hobbies that have some of the same block concepts as legos such as music and video editing and now web design. You normally wouldn't have just any ole body playing with your legos or website. You normally wouldn't give our your lego sets and web designs. It all makes sense now.
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Your mods should be fine for a few weeks?

There was a bereavement in my family last year and my mods looked after all my sites for me - I would be lost without them.

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Find people who you trust, and let them do it. I have a staff of like 30+ people and sure I may not trust them all to run the site, I trust them to carry out their duties and honestly, at the very worst, you come back and set things in order for a few minutes then go back.

It's definitely possible and you don't have to 'relinquish' to much control/power. Owners of businesses let managers run day to day, apply the same thing here, your mods don't need access to the root and command line, give them what they need and just spend a bit of time standing where you are.