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I created a tag using the word "xenforums" to see if it would pick up the root word (non-plural) "xenforum" during a tag search did not. Likewise, if I create a tag called "building", it should be discoverable when I type the root word "build", but it does not.

May I suggest that the tag search display results of the "root" word when used for the search, similar to when searching for a user's name in the name search? For words like "build" "builds", "building", "buildings", etc., for example

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AFAIK XFES doesn't do stemming on tags, in fact tags do not really have much to do with the search system.

It is possible tough to "canonicalize" tags by defining aliases, but this is a manual process.
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This will heavily depend on type of language, different processing for different language.
I think it is not easy to implement in XF Core. This could be support via XFES.
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