Not a bug Haunted Xenforo Instalation


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Screenshot - 2022-06-12T195052.910.png

This is what the Built in New Post Widget Looks like displayed under my forums.

A few minutes later the page auto refreshes and looks like this...

It shows the condensed version and it changes the name of the widget.

Screenshot - 2022-06-12T195025.448.png

This is what my settings look like

Screenshot - 2022-06-12T195437.090.png

I have rebuilt all the caches, deinstalled and reinstalled the widget and done everything possible but it keeps happening.

I refresh the page and it displays under the forum nodes as specified.

I wait a few minutes and the page refreshes and the widget goes to the minimal style.

I have deleted most other widgets and widget addons thinking they may be interferring but no luck.

Board address is

(this project will launch July 1st and is in test mode with no registrations at the moment)

Go there, look under the main forum nodes, see the Newest posts display properly (in full mode) then wait a few minutes, the page refreshes and the widget goes to minimal mode.

Looks haunted to me :eek:
It's the one under the forum nodes causing the issues. Not the different ones in the sidebar.

PS. This happens on desktop
Well no, because it would have the minimal settings in the sidebar.

Under the forum nodes I need the full setting and it does as specified until the page auto refreshes.
Yeah, this is almost certainly related to this add-on:
Don'tcha love the cloud though? It's pretty cool

I have two cloud installs now, cool is an understatement.

I learned Xenforo on the first install and on the second install I am making it my own.

I can spend more time learning the software and less worrying about the install.

I did pretty good on my first cloud install:

This is my second go at it and the forum that will be my own. The first site was built to sell.
This reply was from Andy, the addon creator...

Screenshot (21).png

Ah, yes of course, I had full selected in the widget and this extension was probably set to minimal because I had new posts in the sidebar originally. When I moved the widget under the forum your addon changed it to minimal upon refresh.

It all makes sense now
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