Has Xenforo ever considered an acceptable use policy?

Do not put the onus of police on this small team. If you have issues with a site, and they are warranted beyond moral crusading, take it up with the police. If the police do nothing, warn people to not go there. "Acceptable use" is almost entirely subjective and its definition will change as society does.


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Limitations have been applied the to the principle of freedom of speech and expression as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for years.
The first amendment also has categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection
I know there are exceptions to free speech, I have read many SCOTUS decisions concerning it. I'm referring to the general principle of free speech, not splitting hairs, in that it's not free if the only things which can be said are nice, acceptable political speech, etc. "Hate" speech is specifically allowed, so it pornography.

Historically, one of the big problems with limiting free speech is the people in power change, and they can (and have) in the past used things like this to squash political and social dissent. Curb hate group's right to speak, and some day that law can also be used against a racial minority speaking out. Had all these speech nannies been around in the 1960s, Malcolm X's speech would have been disallowed.


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They are even here now :ROFLMAO:

If I didn't understand how this came to be, I'd be angry rather than laughing it off


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Do we go after MS to revoke licenses when a hate group writes their diatribes using Word on a Windows PC? Or runs their site on MS Windows Server using IIS?

There are better channels out there to deal with this stuff than devs. If a group or individual is spreading legally actionable hate or encouraging violence using a web site or forum, the web host and law enforcement are better placed to do something than the software developer. The software developer is really the last person who needs to be involved since they can't really do much to actually take the site down or take legal action, only make sure they can't use that software anymore (or at least can't update it).

As for how it affects the Xenforo community, I don't see how Xenforo being used by a hate group reflects badly on them or the community any more than other software being used by said hate group.