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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2014

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Tan Tran

Well-known member

Tan Tran

Well-known member
Great idea! Unfortunately, my top menu bar doesn't work with this installed ie can't click on the tabs - I have a default style...
The default style has small header, so the top menu will be overlapped by Holiday garland. You could try to increase the header a bit if you like. Add this css into EXTRA.css:
#headerMover #header {
margin-top: 40px;
#headerMover #headerProxy {
height: 142px


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Not working for me :(

Tried on anonnym tab to eliminate caching doubts. Im using UI.X and its the same framework as you do =/

Edit: Tried on different browsers, no success too.
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Tan Tran

Well-known member
This only expands the header it doesn't bring the decorations down to show top bar
The Moderator bar? so we have to move the decorations down a bit. You can edit holiday_bells template, add these lines on the top:

<xen:if is="{$visitor.is_moderator} || {$visitor.is_admin}">
     .b-page_newyear .b-head-decor {top: 25px !important};
25px is for default template.