Handling Spam

I'm getting a spam user that keeps passing my question captcha and then using I'm assuming a bot to post a bunch of threads.
The user is from India and uses a different IP every time.
What's the best way to take care of this after registration process? I don't see anything under group permissions as far as number of links are concerned or prohibiting links in posts.


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I have the XF setup running with a question and answer and have all the spam options working

ACP - Options - Registrations

Also get the following
StopForumSpam using API key
Project Honey Pot Key

So far it is working great for us but we do have a few legitimate registrations going under moderation to be approved manually but not so many as it is an issue


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number of links are concerned or prohibiting links in posts.
StopHumanSpam can not only detect links in posts, but looks for "sneaky URLs" for instance "go to www . mysite . com"
- You can also only allow users to add links if they have met criteria:
a certain number of likes
a certain number of post created
a certain number of days registered
post:likes ratio

- There is also the option to moderate posts that do not meet the criteria

In the XenForo core, you do have the option (under spam managment) to manually approve / reject posts containing "Spam Phrases"