XF 1.5 Hacked?


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1. Administrator IP address is from a different state and its not my IP.

2. I ban the IP and then I get this;
Your IP address has been banned.

3. Admin logs shows that IP address.

The spam I am getting is very light but its annoying, its showing up as this IP that I never ran into this issue before where now when i login it says im banned..... but i can still get into the backend.

4. The IP address is actually of my host for the forum.

I have updated the plugins, I have reCaptcha, changed the admin pw, changed the ftp pw, added Cleantalk spam etc.

This is for www.talkfloods.com
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Jake B.

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So it's saying that your IP is banned when you ban that IP that isn't yours? Do you have CloudFlare or some other reverse proxy? Chances are you're not mapping HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, add this to your config.php:

If that doesn't fix it you'll probably need to contact your host