H1Z1 Video Game


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Hey guys, I've started, with the help of a few of my community members, a site for the up coming game H1Z1. Was just wondering if anyone would like to jump on board, of if anyone else has heard of the game :eek:

The Devs do not have a website right now, they are all on reddit, so we figured why not set up a fan/connection site before they go live with one.

here is a video CLICK ME

But yeah, if anyone here is interested in the game and would like to be apart of the community, if you would like to check it out(note I just set this up yesterday lol)




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Looks neat so far. :) Never hurts to register. I'm definitely going to give H1Z1 a try when it launch (it's F2P so why not!), though it's a bummer there's no cross-platform multiplayer. :( Maybe I'm just spoiled by FFXIV, but not having to ask someone "do you play on PC or PS4" is so nice.


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Quick question, is anyone else having trouble loading the site, those who have registered anyway? (may just be my connection here at work)